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I’ve just kicked off my Open University Design Thinking course, and so far, it’s fecking brilliant. The OU interactive stuff is very user-friendly and the techniques they suggest for developing design thinking are spectacularly inspiring (despite only getting 5 hours sleep last night, which has left me buggered). It also reminded me of an old […]

IDEO article


While we’re on the subject of Wired, a quick shout out to my old professor Bill Moggridge, an amazing designer and very nice man. He’s featured in this month’s edition as well, talking about design thinking and offering his ideas (or, given the IDEO approach, offering a selection of group ideas) on ‘how to tackle […]

Now here’s some inspirational stuff on a cold November evening; Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck talking about the ‘Growth Mindset’. Basically the nub of it is that we can change: get brighter, better at sport, learn new things, whatever. Sounds fairly elementary, you might say, but that’s only because it’s my crappy two-line explanation. I’m […]