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Just come across this on FutureLab: The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice has a conference about ‘Playful Learning‘ this September; bit pricey – 85 quid if you sign up before the 26th July, and 135 quid after – but it looks like there are some good speakers and it should be an interesting one […]

I’ve just kicked off my Open University Design Thinking course, and so far, it’s fecking brilliant. The OU interactive stuff is very user-friendly and the techniques they suggest for developing design thinking are spectacularly inspiring (despite only getting 5 hours sleep last night, which has left me buggered). It also reminded me of an old […]

Erstwhile Pulp frontman and Jacko-baiter Jarvis Cocker has set up a short-lease residency in East London this week. He’s hosting a series of improv sessions, inviting members of the public to jam with him at Village Underground in Shoreditch. If you missed it, he did a similar thing in Paris in May, and this week has been […]

Now here’s some inspirational stuff on a cold November evening; Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck talking about the ‘Growth Mindset’. Basically the nub of it is that we can change: get brighter, better at sport, learn new things, whatever. Sounds fairly elementary, you might say, but that’s only because it’s my crappy two-line explanation. I’m […]