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Flippin’ hell


Here’s something spectacularly pointless that I can’t afford, don’t need and wouldn’t use. But for some reason I want it. For around $3,500 (how much is that these days – about half a million quid?) you can treat a loved one to this automatic pancake-making machine: According to, it churns out 200 pancakes an […]

Play Music


This is the problem with reading Wired as a blogger; you basically want to write a post on every feature they do. In the latest edition, there’s all kinds of stuff which would suit the PlayLondon remit, but I was immediately drawn to a piece about rubber band music. The guy who does it (an […]

Once you pop…


Children’s books just get better and better. I know there are some purists out there who think nothing’s going to match up to the classics of their youth. But now they’ve got pop-up books with electronics. Lights! Sound! Moving Parts! OK the vid’s a little ‘calming’. But think of the implications of this. Get a […]

A few weeks ago I met Tom Phillips, who writes for the Metro as The Ridiculant. Not only was he an interesting chap, but his whole job involves scouring the web for daft things going on, which sounds like a bloody sweet deal to me. It’s more or less what I do most of the […]