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I was at Science Museum Lates last night, and two things struck me: 1) It’s a bloody awesome date venue (OK, so you might not look your sexiest when dressed as a cockroach*, but there’s lots of playful stuff to do together, and you can appear very knowledgeable while pottering around, even if you’re a […]

I usually try to keep this a relatively advert-free zone, but these two are awesome:

Wowsers! Now this is a creative use of time. Apparently this stop-motion piece of genius won something at Sundance this year. I’m not bloody surprised! It’s amazing, and must have taken days to do. I particularly like the Rubix Cube chopping. PES is the man (woman? collective?) behind it. I’m going to check out more of […]

Dagnammit! I’m getting behind on myself. I still haven’t told you about MuTate Britain’s One Foot in the Grove, that’s just extended its run for a few more days. Nor have I got round to the laughter yoga sesh I went to on Sunday. Both were awesome, so I’ll try to get something out about […]

The Fun Theory


Had a quick glance at Playful 09‘s page a minute ago and my eye was drawn to the post titled ‘Making Things Fun’. OK, I might be latecomer to all this, but for those who haven’t seen it, VW’s Fun Theory is pretty sodding awesome. Basically take your average everyday item and twiddle around with […]