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Arty play in East London, as the Artch Gallery of Bethnal Green sets out a ‘Playgroup’ exhibition, which is ‘a space set apart for experimentation and play,’ according to the Facebook blurb. Lots of sculpture, photography and mixed media pieces, and a couple of video installations too. The exhibition’s on ’til this Friday, at Arch […]



Some snaps from French photographer Sacha Goldberger, which he took to cheer up his 91-year old Hungarian grandmother after he found her lonely and depressed. According to this blog “he suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs in unusual costumes, poses, and locations,” and apparently she’s now cock-a-hoop. Dressing up in costumes and […]

Art collective Wasted Spaces has been doing all kinds of fun stuff up in Wembley. I’m not fully clear what’s going on in this video, but their website says they’ve ‘been on a mission to put a smile (literally) on the face of Wembley’ through temporary installations. If nothing else, it’s quite a calming couple […]

The Tate is up to some really interesting stuff at the moment. Here’s just a couple of their projects on the go right now: 1) The Tate Movie Project – an interactive initiative to get kids involved in the process of making a film. It aims to come up with a 20-minute animated film by […]

Chaps, there’s a new pop-up gallery opening tomorrow, with artworks inspired by good ol’ London town. The exhibition, organised by Outline Editions, is only on from 28th May to 3 July, and features drawings and prints from artists such as James Jarvis, Anthony Burrill, Lizzie Finn, Supermundane and Kate Moross. It’s just off Carnaby Street, […]

Ping London


Ping pong, table tennis, whiff whaff; whatever you call it, after Boris’s emphatic speech reclaiming ping pong back to these shores two years ago, it looks like it’s going to be a feature of London’s spaces this summer. 100 ping pong tables are being set up across the city, as part of the mayor’s plans […]

Always an inspiration to see this sort of stuff. Very daft elaborate sculptures made from food featured in today’s Guardian. I love the impermenance of it and also the thought process that drives someone to model a life-size Dita von Teese out of cheese. I’ve only posted a few below, but check out the Guardian […]

Van Gogh quote


‘Find things beautiful, as much as you can,’ Van Gogh urged his brother Theo in a letter of January 1874, ‘most people find too little beautiful’. (From the RA Magazine via Siobhan Fitzgerald)

OK, a couple of deep breaths and some very loud techno later, I’m feeling a bit more sanguine. So it might be a good time to drop a quick update of some of the good stuff I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks. Despite my bitching, there’s plenty going on at the […]

Play Music


This is the problem with reading Wired as a blogger; you basically want to write a post on every feature they do. In the latest edition, there’s all kinds of stuff which would suit the PlayLondon remit, but I was immediately drawn to a piece about rubber band music. The guy who does it (an […]