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The Tate is up to some really interesting stuff at the moment. Here’s just a couple of their projects on the go right now: 1) The Tate Movie Project – an interactive initiative to get kids involved in the process of making a film. It aims to come up with a 20-minute animated film by […]

Dudes, you might be wondering why Play London’s gone all quiet of late – well the fact is I’m in China, doing some good stuff with the British Council. I’ll tell you about it another time, but for the moment, rest assured that all is well (in fact bloody fantastic), and normal service will be […]

Wowsers! Now this is a creative use of time. Apparently this stop-motion piece of genius won something at Sundance this year. I’m not bloody surprised! It’s amazing, and must have taken days to do. I particularly like the Rubix Cube chopping. PES is the man (woman? collective?) behind it. I’m going to check out more of […]