Science Museum Lates and Sensodyne


I was at Science Museum Lates last night, and two things struck me:

1) It’s a bloody awesome date venue (OK, so you might not look your sexiest when dressed as a cockroach*, but there’s lots of playful stuff to do together, and you can appear very knowledgeable while pottering around, even if you’re a total chump).

2) By God there’s some awesomely cheap stuff to do in this city. Even my most tightwadded of mates couldn’t refuse this. Free to get in and just under a fiver for a bottle of beer and some Bombay mix. A highly enjoyable and economical evening.

As I shambled out, there was a throng of people outside staring at the Science Museum wall. Obviously I did some staring too, but it was only when said wall began to crumble that I understood it was some sort of projection.

Sensodyne were promoting their new protecting range of toothpastes, and bloody clever it was too. Every time someone hit the punchbag, the wall would crack, and the Sensodyne icon would come out to repair the damage. Look, here’s a vid I recorded on my phone.

Now I know the whole point of this is to generate a viral buzz, and the conspiracy theorist in me wants to avoid being part of the machine. But if I can take off my tin-foil helmet for a moment, this is genuinely fun, playful and clever. It got lots of people involved and was really inclusive. So well done Sensodyne; a nice coda to a really cool night.

* I missed the cockroach tour, but as I was walking out I heard loads of people saying it was the best thing of all. I can believe it. I will definitely do it next time.

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