Books, Blogs, Drugs, etc


Reading book blogs has two main effects on me: it makes me feel inspired and totally bloody ignorant in equal measure.

I generally have a book on the go, but whenever I read these blogs it feels like these people are consuming Joyce and Camus at a rate of knots; simply inhaling Heidegger. I feel like a total moron by comparison.

Thing is, I just don’t have the time or patience for these heavy tomes; I need a book that’s going to draw me in a bit, so my tastes lean towards the page-turners or easy reads.

P.G. Wodehouse is my go-to guy when I need the spirits lifted and I’m usually not far from a Sherlock Holmes story. I just finished H. G. Wells’ The Invisible Man and started Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science, which is all good stuff, but hardly what you’d call ‘improving’.

Possibly I need to push my boundaries a bit more, but the idea of trying to get my head round some of the heavier stuff at the end of a long day seems pretty unbearable. Also (and this could just be me) I do find book blogs a bit smug. I get that you love your literature, but do you have to bang on about it and be so self-consciously earnest/whimsical as well?

Anyway, enough of my tosh, here are some blogs from people I actually like (and have met).

Teadevotee is written by a girl I met at the London Bloggers’ Meetup, and it covers about as many books as you can shake a stick at. Literate without being all wanky too.

My friend Jenny Nelson has a sporadically updated, but extremely readable reading blog, Go Away Jenny.

Oh and for anyone who is interested in drugs and drugs policy Befuzzled is a fantastic new blog written by a Brit in Washington DC. Frank, funny and very informative; I recommend it to anyone who gives a damn.

One Response to “Books, Blogs, Drugs, etc”

  1. I tend to keep away from the ‘heavy tomes’ too — but perhaps I approach books differently to some. I want to be entertained rather than improved 😀

    (I also recently read The Invisible Man!)

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