Boardgame Remix


OK, enough about me. Back to the play stuff.

This one comes courtesy of Pete Law, who works at Hide&Seek, the games designer folks who put on the Sandpit events.

Basically, they’ve come up with a very clever way of restimulating traditional board games. Monopoly takes forever, Cluedo is essentially a logic puzzle with secret tunnels and Scrabble’s always won by the same tedious bastard who’s learnt all the two-letter words.

At my parents’ house certainly these games just sit there gathering dust, not necessarily because they’re bad games; just that we’ve done them all before. There are no surprises anymore.

So here are a few ideas to refresh them. Turning the Cluedo mansion into a zombie-house, for example; using the Monopoly cards in a poker-like tournament. Basically making the games shorter, sillier, different, more fun.

It launches next week as an app, book and limited edition set of cards, and might be quite a good one for Christmas, yesno?


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