Zombies, radio and frugal cooking


Well day one of the new ‘every day posting’ gig, and I very nearly conk at the first chukka. The internet was down this morning, so I spent an inordinate amount of time trawling round Notting Hill looking for a place to set up camp. Combined with my natural inclination to sack it all in and go down the pub, this was almost an embarrassingly short-lived scheme.

But a few goodies worth mentioning: I was out last night at the premiere of Houseparty of the Dead VI, that zombie movie I was wattering on about a while back. And it was a pretty fun night; a few people re-zombified for the evening, the film was surprisingly impressive, and it was an entertainingly pissed affair (in fact far too much for a Tuesday night).

Afterwards I compounded my hangover with a couple of pints in The Lyttelton Arms just opposite Mornington Crescent station (apparently named after Humph Lyttelton – geddit?) before stumbling home. I’m pretty certain there’s going to be another one of these Houseparty movies, so I’ll let you know about that nearer the time.

Oh and I’m doing a shitload of radio at the moment – check out The Social, which I present with my sis, CharmLShake, on Pulse Radio every Thursday. We talk crap about social policy and play some tunes. And I’m co-producing LeCool’s new podcast as well, which you can hear on London Fields Radio.

London Fields Radio is fucking cool by the way. It broadcasts from some little cafe behind Hackney Town Hall where everyone looks like the Mighty Boosh and I feel woefully out of touch with the trendy young East London things. But there’s a good vibe, the broadcasts are interesting, and the coffee is, genuinely, the best I’ve had in London.

What else? Oh I’m doing some impressively frugal cooking at the moment. Tonight I cooked herring with lemon, chillies and mango chutney (sounds rank; actually pretty nice), along with fried veggies with – and this is key – a spoonful of Patak’s curry paste. Sometimes I surprise myself with brilliance; the whole thing cost about a quid fifty.

Oh and I should say thanks to The Happiness Project London, which I was leafing through yesterday. A good blog to read, and the chick who runs it was approached by MyVillage.com to do some writing. Nice reversal of the usual editor-pestering  crap I go through, so I feel inspired.

Anyway, more tomorrow kids.

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