A New Hope…


Well that’s a chuffing surprise; I spend months moaning about not having enough time to blog, then I lose my job and spend the next month doing precisely naff all on PlayLondon.

So in the spirit of Buck-U-Uppo, I will blog every weekday until December; sort of an experiment to see how I feel about it.

Amanda Hirsch did it a while back and actually found it rather constricting – the idea of having to come up with some crap rather than just writing when you feel inspired. So it might not be as liberating and joyous as I envisage it. But sod it, a bit of commitment might do me some good.

Speaking of Amanda, I found this interview with Tina Fey on her blog, which I’m posting below, partly because I am in love with Tina Fey, but also because I find it quite inspiring.

She’s good on why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail and on the value of preparation. And she also just takes the piss a little bit. I will now Google her some more rather than looking for a job.

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