The Providence Experiments


Holy Christ this weather kills me. Every sodding autumn I get the same desire to move to Australia to become a professional surfer and beachwear model. But instead I’m trapped here  losing my mind, tan and will to live. And I’ve managed to bugger up my neck somehow so every morning starts with a a shard of agony and a fistful of painkillers. Damn you winter, you miserable grey tedious bastard!

So, to preserve my sanity I’m racking up good things to look forward to in the next couple of months. And, as luck would have it, I’ve just been sent a link to a thing called the Providence Experiments, which is “a unique series of workshops and events that fuse experimentation, visualisation, ritual, psychological intervention and immersive game.”

So a big game then.

It’s set up by the interactive theatre group, Foolish People, much along the lines of Punch Drunk, and it might be quite a good laugh. I saw a Foolish People production last year, and they were very good.

As with Punch Drunk, Accomplice, Conspiracy for Good and many of these other social games, the details are all very hush-hush at this point, but I’m sure they’ll explain more over an email or two.

My only concern at this point is that it costs 150 quid for the whole session (£30 a week), so possibly out of my price bracket, and it might be worth saving my cash for a big holiday somewhere hot instead.

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