London roundup – Film Festivals, Urban Orchards, Comedy and Storytelling


So much brilliant stuff happening at the moment, and I just don’t have time to talk about it properly, so I’m going to hammer a few down in bullet point form, just to give you a bird’s eye view:

  • The Portobello Film Festival is back, with free admission to all it’s events. It’s always a bit wierd but there are some bloody gems every year. The Caribbean Film Corner in the Tabernacle tomorrow and Thursday, for example, sounds damned intruiging. And there’s some Dutch films as well.
  • More international viewings with the London Korean Film Festival in November (yes I know it’s a couple of month’s away, but I’ll probably forget).
  • It’s the final week of the Union Street Urban Orchard in Southwark this week, and there’s a Make and Take thingamy this weekend, with workshops to reuse all the materials from the orchard. A BBQ as well for you rib-lovers.
  • The Human League’s Martyn Ware will be speaking at the Campfire storytelling evening on Thursday. You can find an interview with him here.
  • Oh and Charlie Talbot (a very talented young comedian and thoroughly nice man) is performing his Edinburgh show on 22 September at The Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch. Defo check him out.

That’s it for the moment kids. I’m off to watch Scott Pilgrim.

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