Greenwich podcast and Dulwich Conkers


Gotta be quick here ‘cos it’s the London Bloggers Meetup tonight, but I just thought I’d mention a double helping of London goodness for you:

First up for all you Greenwichers, The Greenwich Podcast has just been launched. Very exciting news and a superb South London complement to the Hackney Podcast (also a goodie). As an audio dude, I’m very keen on podcasts; in fact I wrote my MA thesis on podcasts, and it’s a joy to see people from the community producing such good hyperlocal efforts. What’s more, thie first one features an interview with Tim Key, one of my favourite comedians at the moment. So well done all those involved. If anyone wants to join me in producing a Portobello Podcast, get in touch; there must be a million stories that need to be told.

Second up, Autumnal delights at the Dulwich International Conker Knockout (D.I.C.K) Tournament, which is being held on the 2nd October. Conkers apparently is one of those olde worlde pastimes that’s falling out of favour as kids get more sophisticated (could be Daily Mail guff though; we had gameboys when I was a kid, and we still bruised our knuckles every Autumn with conkers). So it’s good to see some pissed-up adults doing the proper thing and getting a few games on the go in a pub. Good gaming chaps.

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