Coming soon to a multiplex near you: Houseparty of the Dead VI!

Zombies aplenty in Mile End last Saturday, as about 40 of us took to the streets for the sixth installment of London’s finest undead killfest. About two hours of make up (over a few pints) created an army of flesh-eaters, before we took to the streets for the final scene, gathered round some poor sod’s car covered with gore.

Given my heroic bearing I was unsurprisingly cast as a zombie-killing militia-man, rather than one of the undead (you can see me looking heroic below), and the film should be out in time for Hallowe’en. Brace yourself for DWS’s big screen debut. (Thanks to Adrianne Cooper for the amazing photos, more of which can be found on her flickr stream)

"Zombies, thousands of 'em"

Oi, you're barred!

DWS (front right) ready to do some serious Zombie arse-kicking. Note the 'chilled steel' expression and itchy trigger-finger.

One Response to “Zombies!!”

  1. Zombie fan eh? I love me a good zombie flick – you must update us on the blog when it comes out 🙂

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