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Off to Edinburgh tomorrow for the tail-end of the fest, so if anyone’s got any comedy recommendations, nudge them my way. In the meantime, I’ve just come across a link to the Play On Conference, a celebration of play in New York City this October. I’ve taken far too many trips this year to justify […]



Coming soon to a multiplex near you: Houseparty of the Dead VI! Zombies aplenty in Mile End last Saturday, as about 40 of us took to the streets for the sixth installment of London’s finest undead killfest. About two hours of make up (over a few pints) created an army of flesh-eaters, before we took […]

Art collective Wasted Spaces has been doing all kinds of fun stuff up in Wembley. I’m not fully clear what’s going on in this video, but their website says they’ve ‘been on a mission to put a smile (literally) on the face of Wembley’ through temporary installations. If nothing else, it’s quite a calming couple […]

Fecking hilarious stuff: Useless Flyers is a cracking blog if you like pointless daftness. Josh Millard lives in one of my favourite cities in the world, Portland, Oregon, and has some bloody brilliant stuff on his blog.  I would love to see this sort of thing around London. Thanks to my sis, CharmLShake, for pointing […]

Soundtrack City


Oh, and I was listening to this while writing the last post. Melancholically uplifting tunage from The Features:

A lot of press about this one: a new maze has been set up in Trafalgar Square until Friday, based on different bits of London. So it’s got a Chinatown area and Carnaby Street 60s party, and, I think, a Baker Street bit with Sherlock Holmes (could be wrong about that though; I saw it […]

OK I’m thoroughly wiped out after a week of partying in Berlin and a pretty colossal wedding, so no inciteful bons mots today; instead just a couple of videos until I’ve had about 15 hours sleep and caught up on my emails. First up, here’s the American psychiatrist Stuart Brown talking about the importance of […]