Tate Movie Project and Moore Outside


The Tate is up to some really interesting stuff at the moment. Here’s just a couple of their projects on the go right now:

1) The Tate Movie Project – an interactive initiative to get kids involved in the process of making a film. It aims to come up with a 20-minute animated film by Summer 2011, entirely pieced together from contributions from children aged 5 to 13.

It sounds like a massive project – the Beeb and Aardman are involved as well – and children can upload script ideas, sound effects, drawings and animations, so there’s potential for it to be a bit unwieldy. But I have faith; the site is pretty easy to follow, and is driven by a cartoon production team, with their own failings and quirks, which gives the whole thing a bit of direction without being too preachy. Christ knows how it will turn out in the end, but I like the ambition of trying to get kids involved in a big project like this, so a thumbs up from me.

2) Moore Outside – I was actually invited to a preview of this; it’s a game to get folk out pounding the streets of London checking out some of the Henry Moore sculptures on display. You get an audio guide which will take you to around the statues, and when you’re there there are puzzles to unlock, so you can pick up discounts to the Henry Moore exhibition.

It’s designed by Coney, who do lots of these games type things, and it’s actually pretty fun (I was trying a beta version, so it wasn’t perfect, but definitely had potential). The most interesting thing for me, though, was that I went to school in Pimlico for five years and it never occured to me to stare at the Moore sculpture on Millbank (possibly for fear of being taken out by MI6 goons over the river, thinking I was gawping at their HQ). This game  actually got me examining the sculpture for the first time though, and anything that reminds me of the good stuff London has to offer has to be a winning enterprise in my book. Two thumbs up for the Tate.

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