Conspiracy for Good


Aaaand we’re back…

Totally wiped out after a monumental trip to China; soaking up the Shanghai Expo, clambering on the Great Wall, eating two banquets a day, generally enjoying the best that China has to offer, so big thanks to the British Council for sorting it out. It’s a charmed life I lead, and I’m bloody grateful for all the good and interesting stuff along the way.

Anyway, now that I’m back in the Big Smoke, I figured I should get back to talking about play things. Like I say, plenty going on right now, not least ‘Conspiracy for Good‘, which is a new project from Heroes creator, Tim Kring.

Apparently the project ‘blends online and real-world tasks to effect social change through audience participation’, which is a slightly wanky way of saying its a big game of sorts.

“Our goal with the Conspiracy For Good is to entice, engage, and inspire the audience to drive real-world change through their participation in a narrative,” says La Kring, so if you dig narrative storytelling, random tasks and some interactive theatre (I do) than this should be right up your strasse.

It kicks off at Traitor’s Gate on the 17th July, and is happening across London this summer, as one of the first big events to combine augmented reality with live action storytelling, so if you’re of a curious disposition, you can sign up on the site –, where there are already a batch of clues or false clues for you to get your teeth into.

Oh, and LeCool editor Mat Osman is one of the brains behind it as well, so if you’re a fan of Mat’s stuff, you should definitely check it out.

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