So where the bloody hell have you been?


Dudes, you might be wondering why Play London’s gone all quiet of late – well the fact is I’m in China, doing some good stuff with the British Council. I’ll tell you about it another time, but for the moment, rest assured that all is well (in fact bloody fantastic), and normal service will be resumed when I’m back in the metrop. There’s lots going on at the moment, and I’m dying to talk about it, so h0ld tight.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting-looking exhibition coming up. I’m not in the habit of pasting press releases wholesale, but I like the chaps at Modern Toss, I’m strapped for time, and think it’s worth a mention. I haven’t been though, so have a glance elsewhere, and keep in mind that everything below is their words not mine. Chat to you in a week or so’s time Playsters.

International cult cartoonists and animators Modern Toss are bringing their unique brand of precision swearing and stylishly cak-handed drawing to a Shoreditch gallery this summer for an unmissable, ground-breaking, two-week exhibition.

The scurrilously inventive satirists behind Mr Tourette and the Drive-by Abuser invite you along to witness their incredible range of top notch, limited edition prints, interactive art pieces and assorted, hilarious paraphernalia from the Toss cabinet of shit-naks. This is London’s first ever proper celebration of Modern Toss artwork so we can expect some special treats – including a three ton marble fly; two eggs in a cage fighting over a pin; a talking, stuffed bird moaning about sitting on a twig and Mr Tourette’s incisive summing up of the international banking crisis.

They claim they will be concentrating on “addressing contemporary themes” with this exhibition, so get yourself down there and check out too their ‘Periodic Table Of Swearing’, a drop-in art therapy session in the form of a 200metre long communal cartoon, some live poetry reading from the Drive-by Abuser, a selection of superb ‘Space Argument’ prints and some highly collectible dirty pictures, hand-stitched in wool by enthusiastic mature ladies. Prices for limited edition letterpress and silkscreen prints range from £30 – £200.


The Modern Toss London Museum of Urban Shit-Naks 22 June – 4 July 2010

Maverik Showroom, 68-72 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP

Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 11am – 7pm (except Tuesday 22 June, closes at 6pm and Thursday 1st July closes 9pm)

Weekends: Midday – 4pm Tel: 020 7739 6002

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