OK folks, I’m running the Brighton Marathon this Sunday, so I thought I’d fling in a few thoughts on the process so far:

Apart from the niggling shin-splints, which have plagued me ever since sprinting for a bus two months ago, I’m in pretty robust health. I feel fit and rested and ready to take on the 26.2 miles.

I’ve been given loads of tips on how to tackle it – take paracetamol and anti-cramp pills; have a non-rubby top; break it into bite-sized chunks, etc – which I think will stand me in good stead as I motor through the thing.

The key thing everyone stresses, though, is that you really have to start out slow. Everyone’s very excited at the beginning of the race, so there’s a tendency to totally gun it for the first few miles, leaving you shafted at the end. I reckon I’ve got my pace more or less under control, so this shouldn’t be a problem, but we’ll see how I fare on the day.

Brighton seems like the ideal place to do a first marathon. It’s a reasonably flat course from what I hear (apart from a bugger of a hill at the start), and I think there’ll be a great atmosphere. It’s also just an hour from London, so a whole stack of people will probably pop down for the day, which should give it an even bigger buzz. What’s more, it’s Brighton’s inaugural marathon, so there’s a sense of occasion about it.

A few potential issues could be the sea breezes and aforementioned hill bugger, but the race organisers tell me these really aren’t much of a consideration. In truth you’ve just got to suck it up; you’ve signed up to run the bastard, so it’s just a question of getting though it. I’ve trained for four months and worked hard at this, so the race is just the final push, and I’m rather looking forward to it now.

I’m running for a fantastic small charity called Find Your Feed, who work to alleviate rural poverty in Malawi and India. A lot of people have chipped in to sponsor me so far, so if you fancy contributing at all, please just visit my sponsorship page.

Even if it’s just a pound or two, I’d really appreciate it, and it would make an enormous difference. Massive thanks to everyone who’s helped me through this, and see you on the other side of the 26 miles!

P.S. Could anyone tell me how to rotate my photo on the giving page? It’s driving me nuts.

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