Bonnington Cafe fundraiser and Fulbright Scholars


If you’ve noticed that I start a lot of blog posts by saying that ‘this’ll be a quick one’ or something similar, it’s because I tend to write them at the end of the day when I’ve still got some thoughts ricocheting around my brain, but I really should have gone to bed hours ago.

So, quelle surprise, this’ll be a quick one. But I really must say a huge thank you to the staff at the Bonnington Cafe in Vauxhall. As part of this whole Marathon thing, a couple of us put on a charity curry night for Find Your Feet last night. A very casual affair with people bringing their own booze and contributing what they could for three courses. The food was amazing, the staff (all volunteers) were phenomenally helpful, and we managed to raise a hefty sum for the good causes.

It’s the first step of the proper fundraising push, and no doubt I’m going to be pestering my friends quite a lot over the next month, so I’m glad that the first one was an opportunity to provide a great night out. The Bonnington was the perfect venue for it.

Tonight I was speaking at an event for potential Fulbright Scholars, talking about my own experiences as a Brit in the States. The more of these things I do, the more I like them. The Fulbright Commission is such a worthwhile organisation, and I actually came out of the thing buzzing. There are so many interesting bright people who clearly want to learn and experience more, and it reminds me of why I applied for the thing in the first place. Best of luck to ’em I say.

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