Creativity boosters


Happy March everyone. OK, obviously it’s far too early in the morning for a proper update, but I’ve just come across a PSFK post called ‘25 ways to overcome creative blocks‘, so I thought I’d fling in a quick link, so we can kick off the month with a nice little creative surge.

Basically San Francisco artist and musician Scott Hansen has built a compilation of what creative people do when they’re stuck in a rut. I particularly like the chap who said he ‘becomes awesome’ by doing other easier tasks to gather a sense of achievement. Very clever. Check ’em out; there might be something for you.

One Response to “Creativity boosters”

  1. Very useful. thanks for sharing. i find breaking from the routine helps too. If i am working on something for days go for a walk can be a breat idea. If i need an answer quick I start tidying up or do any other easy task. no idea it ties up with sense of achievement, but helps me only pay half of the attention. step away from the task at hand does help spark some creative juices

    Best regards

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