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Here’s a snippet of an interview I did with the British comedian Rufus Hound. He’s a really fun guy and a fantastic stand up and improv performer, so it was a real pleasure to chat with him. This is just the final couple of minutes, where we play a game called ‘Dance or Dog’. A […]

Van Gogh quote


‘Find things beautiful, as much as you can,’ Van Gogh urged his brother Theo in a letter of January 1874, ‘most people find too little beautiful’. (From the RA Magazine via Siobhan Fitzgerald)

If you’ve noticed that I start a lot of blog posts by saying that ‘this’ll be a quick one’ or something similar, it’s because I tend to write them at the end of the day when I’ve still got some thoughts ricocheting around my brain, but I really should have gone to bed hours ago. […]

Happy March everyone. OK, obviously it’s far too early in the morning for a proper update, but I’ve just come across a PSFK post called ‘25 ways to overcome creative blocks‘, so I thought I’d fling in a quick link, so we can kick off the month with a nice little creative surge. Basically San […]