I went to Geekcamp this week, where they get a stack of digital types together to discuss projects. The theme of this one was getting people to read more (it was hosted by the Reading Agency in Farringdon), and generally it was a hell of a positive experience.

I love the whole brainstorming process anyway, so getting to share ideas with people like the Newspaper Club or the Tricycle Theatre and hear what projects they’re working on utterly floated my boat.

In fact the Newspaper Club is genuinely inspirational; they print bespoke newspapers on a short run for companies and individuals, so you can essentially print your own papers for events, portfolios, stuff like that. If you’ve ever encountered those free papers they hand out at festivals, it’s probably been done by them.

As one of the participants said, newspapers as a format are actually better suited for things like collections of short fiction or poetry than news. It’s something you want to read under a tree with a bottle of cider, but don’t feel too worried about leaving in a tent when you’re a bit pissed.

And the Geekcamp is a pretty good venue to try out new ideas and get creative people to chip in with feedback. The next one’s in March, and there’s another session on the 13th Feb. So if you’re interested, get in touch with @peterjlaw on Twitter and pop along. It’s free and I’d thoroughly recommend it.

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