Caitlin Moran on Play and Newswipe


Two quick things:

1) Well done to Caitlin Moran in the Times this week for her article celebrating play. Bafflingly the headline’s something about buttocks on a skirting board, and the reference was lost on me. But nonetheless it was good to see someone championing the right to toboggan on a riot shield, and inject a bit of stupidity into our otherwise serious and unsmiling lives.

2) Charlie Brooker‘s Newswipe is back on TV. This is Brooker’s element. I don’t think he really works on some light-hearted vehicle where he’s cracking smiles and interacting with people. But let him take the piss from the sidelines with fury dripping from the jaws, and he’s at his savage best. Tonight’s show brilliantly cut down the inanities of TV news, particularly a piece showing the tropes of modern reporting graphics. I feel pretty ashamed of British journalism at the moment, and anything that reminds people that it could and should be better, particularly when it’s so damn funny, gets a thorough thumbs-up from me. What’s more, Doug Stanhope is fucking hilarious.

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