Hide & Seek


Hah! Good stuff happening! I blog randomly about how I’d like to see more social interaction games in London (see last post). And then today someone called Gideon Reeling starts following me on Twitter (don’t know if that’s connected – probably not). His blurb says he’s interested in play, so I google around a bit and find out it’s actually an events company who did the afterparty for Punchdrunk’s Masque of the Red Death a few years ago. Both the production and the party were farking brilliant, so I’m thinking ‘heh, interesting stuff; I should follow’.

And then in the process of bumbling through the internet I come across this company that organises ‘social games and playful experiences’. Ker-fecking-ching! This is the kind of thing I’m after. OK, so I still don’t know much about them, but they’re called Hide&Seek, they’re based in London, and they do all kind of games getting people out and about. I’ve stuck a few videos below showcasing what they get up to and it looks very innovative and fun. I’m keen to get involved.

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