The Pursuit of Happiness


Dagnammit! I’m getting behind on myself. I still haven’t told you about MuTate Britain’s One Foot in the Grove, that’s just extended its run for a few more days. Nor have I got round to the laughter yoga sesh I went to on Sunday. Both were awesome, so I’ll try to get something out about them in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, you can busy yourself with burning jealousy I felt when I saw this: Coca-Cola are sending these grinning swine round the world for a year to find out ‘what makes people happy’. I’ll tell you what would make me happy, Coke executives: a free sodding holiday! How about you bankroll me for a year instead, you sugar-peddling so-and-sos? Watching these cheery buggers only fills me with covetous resentment.

On a sunnier note, I came across the Wooster Collective site while googling MuTate Britain. It’s taglined ‘a celebration of street art’ and looks right up my strasse. I’ll add it to the links section and keep you updated if they cover any London stuff.

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