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Dagnammit! I’m getting behind on myself. I still haven’t told you about MuTate Britain’s One Foot in the Grove, that’s just extended its run for a few more days. Nor have I got round to the laughter yoga sesh I went to on Sunday. Both were awesome, so I’ll try to get something out about […]

Sneaky Cards


The clever chaps at Boing Boing, The Institute for the Future and Sun Microsystems have launched a thing called Digital Open, a technology competition for youngsters. Not entirely sure what the remit was, but it was happily won by this young Aussie fellow, who came up with the concept of sneaky cards. It’s a game […]

Once you pop…


Children’s books just get better and better. I know there are some purists out there who think nothing’s going to match up to the classics of their youth. But now they’ve got pop-up books with electronics. Lights! Sound! Moving Parts! OK the vid’s a little ‘calming’. But think of the implications of this. Get a […]

Lots of good stuff going on this weekend, so I’ll try to contain my feverish excitement and space them out over a few posts. First up is Plum Idol. Now it’s not an overstatement to say that P.G. Wodehouse is the greatest writer in the English language. Not just the best comic writer, but the […]

Alarmingly Good


Quick hat’s off to Anthony Hildebrand who writes The Alarmist blog. He’s the editor of what should be a spectacularly dry B2B publication info4security. But he’s brilliantly funny and makes the security industry distinctly readable (never thought I’d say that). Play London salutes you sir.

The Fun Theory


Had a quick glance at Playful 09‘s page a minute ago and my eye was drawn to the post titled ‘Making Things Fun’. OK, I might be latecomer to all this, but for those who haven’t seen it, VW’s Fun Theory is pretty sodding awesome. Basically take your average everyday item and twiddle around with […]

Andy Zaltzman


I met political comedian and podcaster Andy Zaltzman yesterday. He was doing a work-in-progress preview for his upcoming radio series Andy Zaltzman: History of The Third Millennium. Frankly I love the guy. OK, it was a bit hit and miss on the night, but that’s the whole point of a work-in-progress show. What I think […]